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Custom Patio Enclosures Increase Usability:

Outdoor vinyl curtains keep Red's porch in all kinds of weather conditions. These Patio Enclosures hold tight and keep the drinks flowing when the wind is blowing!

Patio Enclosures with Factory Direct Pricing

The custom patio vinyl curtains that we build for you are constructed right here in the USA by our specially trained and skilled staff members.

Patio Enclosures for your Home:

This is a patio that we enclosed with our clear vinyl porch enclosures for a third of what it would have cost with glass. The outdoor curtains can be drawn back or removed on nice days to bring in the fresh air.

Outdoor Clear View Patio Enclosures Pavilion Enclosures Keep You Cool In The Summer and Warm in the Winter

Hand rolled version of our clear outdoor curtains in action on McMurtrie Farms wedding pavilion. They are able to use this pavilion year around regardless of the weather. Rain storm or snow storm, no problem! System can be deployed by one person in 20 minutes.

Outdoor Clear View Patio Enclosures:

Elegant or industrial outdoor roll up clear vinyl curtain designed for your home. From Austin to Boston, to Copertino, we cover your assets.

Outdoor Clear View Patio Enclosures Horizontal Track System:

Outdoor Clear View horizontal track curtains with clear and solid cloth mixed. If it's too hot or too cold we have the solution to offer you year-round seating for your restaurant with a typical ROI that is around two weeks!

Custom Patio Enclosures with Custom Colors:

Add a splash of color to your gazebo, porch, or solarium this summer with some colorful outdoor curtains.

Twas the Night Before Christmas...

...and all through the house, No one was inside they all were enjoying their new outdoor curtains The D-Rings were secured by their web strapping with care, and everyone was happy that was there!

Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Four Season Greenhouse with our Patio Enclosures:

Enjoy your plants all year! Let us help you transform your patio into an plant sanctuary with our Plant Protection System. Add a couple of space heaters to be ready for whatever nature sends your way!

Factory Direct Vinyl Patio Enclosures and Sun Screen

Outdoor patio curtains and sun screen made in the USA: builds its Vinyl Patio Enclosures and Sun Screen in Gonzales, Texas and has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We have been selling the highest quality custom outdoor patio curtains and Sun Screen for homes and businesses since 1983. Whether you're looking to block the sunlight, provide a windbreak, or looking to completely seal off our gazebo, pavilion, solarium, restaurant or bar patio, or other outdoor space while retaining your view of the outside world, has the custom vinyl patio enclosures and Sun Screen you're looking for.

The Convenience of Patio Roll Curtains, Custom Outdoor Sun Shades, and Blinds

Roll-up patio enclosures and sun shades can improve any space.

Patio roll curtains and enclosures have been on the market for many years, but as you will learn, we've taken a traditional idea and made it into something much more.

If you're a golf course, restaurant, wedding venue, or any kind of a business that has porch or any other kind of outdoor shelter, our commercial outdoor curtains can keep your space usable in a wide array of poor weather conditions.

The contemporary designs and high quality materials featured on our patio roll curtains will bring functionality and style to your home or business. Whether you are in the market for an awning, shade, blind or full enclosure system, you'll find that we deliver a pleasing patio enclosure that works as well as it looks.

Quality custom sun shades is another aspect of the way. We custom build our sun shades with the same exacting quality that we build our patio roll enclosures.

Our custom sun shades cut down on 90% of the sun's rays while still allowing you to see what is happening on the other side. Unlike our competitors, our custom sun shades can be anchored with our best in class tie-down system so that they don't blow around in the wind.


Sunrooms, Sun Screen, and Vinyl Patio Enclosures

Make your sunroom more useful with custom Sun Screen and Vinyl Patio Enclosures.

Whenever a homeowner decides to add a sunroom onto their house, it is usually done with a definite purpose in mind. Plant enthusiasts will design it with growing and storing the plants that interest them the most, while others will use it primarily as a room that allows them to enjoy the seasons without worrying about the weather.

The general purpose of a sunroom is one that intends for it to let in the maximum amount of natural sunlight as possible. Materials used will allow it to be energy efficient, with natural light replacing the need for electric lights during the day.

But with sun rooms, their strength can also be a weakness. Too much sun and heat can burn up certain kinds of plants; likewise, if you plan on using your sunroom for social occasions, too much sun can work against you.

This is where our sun screen can be extremely handy for your situation. Our sun screen can help you control the sun and heat with great ease. A well organized sunroom with plants that are more shade sensitive congregated together could have their exposure to sun easily controlled with a few of our sun screen while you leave the rest of the sunroom open.

But what if you don't have a sunroom?


How to choose Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades for your Business

A few things to think through when buying patio enclosures and sun shades

The right patio enclosure can transform the outdoor area around your home or business into an attractive, functional space where all will feel welcome to relax. There are many factors to consider in choosing an outdoor shade or blind and patio enclosure to enhance your space. Here are a few questions to think about:

What type of area do you want to enclose? Knowing what kind of area you want to enclose will help us help you. Are you enclosing a patio, deck, porch, gazebo, outdoor seating area, sun-room, pool-side patio, pavilion, a garden room, or a room that we haven't thought of yet? The kind of room you want to enclose and how you want to use that room will determine the kind of patio enclosures and sun shades that you select for your home.


About Us! is American owned and operated, has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, and has been selling the highest quality custom outdoor Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades for homes and businesses since 1983. Whether you are looking to block the sunlight, provide a windbreak, or looking to completely seal off your gazebo, pavilion, restaurant or bar patio, smoking porch, or other outdoor space while retaining your view of the outside world, has exactly what you are looking for.

Our Clients

Our clients include many different kinds of business from restaurants, wedding venues, concert venues, golf courses, and public and private clubs. If youíre looking for references to bolster your confidence in our ability to provide not only top quality products, but also top quality customer service, contact us and we'll show you our extensive portfolio of satisfied home and business owners.

Our Patio Enclosures

Our products include several different kinds of Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades including clear view climate-control curtains, sun shades, and of course various accessories to help you secure and keep your Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades in top shape. Everything we sell is engineered to your exacting specifications, built from the highest quality of materials on the market today and uses very precise engineering methods. Our Patio Enclosures and Sun Shades are produced with such a high level of excellence that Homeowner Associations always give approval and building codes never say "no" to our product lines because they are invisible when stored, attractive when deployed, are fire resistant, donít break down from the Sunís radiation, and are mold-resistant.